There are several models in the range of the most up to date sky HD tuners from sky ranging in features and hard drive capacities. If in sure on the model you require this brief breakdown may help.

There is 3 hard drives capacities and two main feature variants and one mini HD none recording receivers in the DRX range. Ultimately the standard 500gb HDD is the best selling model as 500gb is more than enough for storage of downloads and recording. 

the main consideration is your choice is if you require RF ports for single box multi room setups, infrared control adaptors or terrestrial Ariel distribution based installs or if WiFi would be more beneficial. You can't get a box with both these features built in and both have benefits depending on your setup. If your running a standard one box one tv setup generally the WiFi model is the best selling and most popular model made.

all sky boxes require a subscription to record or use internet connectivity features hence if using freesat use only the none WiFi models would be our recommendation 

if your not sure after this brief breakdown drop us a message and We will happily advise

If your current setup is a sky Q system your dish will require a new lnb to be able to use traditional satellite receivers again, its a lot easier than you make think. give us a call if your unsure or need any help with your requirements 

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